Catherine Tait

Classes for the Beginner Artist, Drawing, Oil painting and Watercolours

Advanced classes for the artist to capture the passion and individuality of your artwork
Understanding colour, gesture, and creating your own individual style



 It’s nice to meet you!

My name is Catherine Tait and I am an award-winning, established artist with over 40 years of experience.

My passion is teaching to various skill levels from beginners to the more experienced in the arts.

A lot of people tell me that they can not draw or paint
"Oh I can only do stick figures, I wish I could draw or paint like you!" I am here to inform you that I can teach anyone to draw and paint. All that is required is the desire and wish to have a go, leave the rest to me.

In each lesson, you will be guided not only in technique but also introduced to exciting ways you can interpret each medium allowing you to express and develop your own individual style.


Catherine is a multi-talented professional Artist who works in several mediums and has generously shared her skills with me in her classes ranging from drawing, pastels, watercolour and oil painting.

Catherine’s positive attitude, class preparedness and willingness to share her knowledge, no hidden secrets, helped me to overcome my feelings of self-doubt and inhibitions.

I enjoyed my time in Catherine’s classes which were well planned, her guidance, encouragement and critiques were important to me, learning in a positive way, never feeling deflated or wanting to give up.


Lynette McNaughton


Free Introduction Lesson in Drawing, Watercolour and Oil Painting classes




     You will gain the confidence to draw and paint any subject you wish "It’s all about you"

During the lessons you will learn how to approach a landscape, still
life flower study and portraits
Each lesson is designed not only to inform you of the equipment required but also valuable technique

Also available are advanced lessons, getting passion and individuality in your artwork


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